Claremont Finance Conference Panel

Today SCM hosted the lunch event of the annual Claremont Finance Conference. The panel was composed of the following individuals:

* Gator Adams (CMC '17) who was a senior leader of SCM during his time at the 5Cs and worked at Goldman Sachs as an equity analyst out of school before leaving to work on a fintech firm

* Dave Wallace – Managing Director of the Pomona College Endowment, who has spoken to the club on several occasions, and provided insight into how the college prepares for various market environments.

* Jim Floyd – Director of the Claremont McKenna College Endowment

The theme this year was "2018 – Party Like it's 1999 or 1984 Morning in America?" as the panelists responded to questions about where they see the market and the economy following the recent volatility and policy changes enacted.