Meeting with Walter Pritchard (Pomona '98)

Recently SCM was able to host Walter Pritchard, a chemistry major who graduated from Pomona in 1998 and currently works as a senior equity analyst at Citigroup covering global software. He provided our club with a unique perspective from someone who has held various roles in finance ranging from investment banking to equity research, all the while coming from a non-finance background. Topics discussed included the differences between application and infrastructure software, long-term trends in the industry, and the earnings reports from several companies in his coverage universe. 

Guest Speaker – Patrick Lin

On Sunday March 27, SCM was very fortunate to host Mr. Patrick Lin, investment officer at Primarius Capital, a hedge fund turned family office that he founded. Mr. Lin has over two decades of finance and investing experience, having worked in banking, IPO markets, hedge funds, amongst others. The club was introduced to his background and investment philosophy, in addition to the way in which he recommends setting, planning, and achieving various goals. The portfolio Mr. Lin set up will continue to be monitored by SCM. Through his personal and business connections, Mr. Lin will coordinate with CEOs that he knows to host conference calls in the future with the club. 

Arielle Zuckerberg Talk

A few weeks ago SCM was very fortunate to host Arielle Zuckerberg (CMC '11), Partner at venture capital firm KPCB. She gave insight into her background, her career progression, and answered questions that our members had. 

Strategic Partnership With Patrick Lin

SCM is excited to announce a strategic partnership between the club and a friend of Pomona College, Patrick Lin. Mr Lin runs a family office in Northern California and reached out to SCM to create a portfolio that he would manage so that SCM members could learn from his investment decisions and try to understand the rationale behind each buy/sell. Initially funded with a $50,000 and five equally weighted positions, the portfolio consists of firms that Mr. Lin has built personal and business relationships with. These investments include: Mallinckrodt (MNK), Autobytel (ABTL), Sorrento Therapeutics (SRNE), BioTime (BTX), Glu Mobile (GLUU).

Guest Speaker 10/25/15

SCM was fortunate to have Dave Wallace, Managing Director of Investments at the Pomona College Endowment, come speak to the club to discuss the inner-workings of the endowment, its weightings, and how they seek to manage risk. Additionally, the new website (this site) was unveiled to our members for the first time. 

SCM's Mission

SCM has a two-fold goal: education, and alpha generation. Our weekly meetings are led by the Managing Directors and CEOs, where we discuss relevant financial news, the state of our portfolio, and how we should best position ourselves going forward. On occasion we also invite professors, alumni, and friends of the college to lecture the club and give our members greater insight into the financial world. Since the inception of SCM, our portfolio has consistently outperformed our blended benchmark (50% S&P 500, 50% Russell 2000) by focusing on smaller cap companies that have a unique market position, or larger cap firms who's story is not quite understood by analysts.